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May is Asian and Jewish Heritage Month at the TDSB

Jewish Heirtage Month Asian Heritage Month

School Council Meeting

The next virtual school council meeting will be on May 26, 2022 at 6:30pm. Sergent Megan McGarry will be joining us to discuss internet safety.

Call for Donations of fabrics big and small for regalia making

Please see the poster attached and drop off any donations at our main office or room 319. Donations are being collected until June 1.

Avondale Update-Covid-19

We wanted to provide you with information about 2 new reported case(s) (as confirmed by a positive PCR or Rapid Antigen Test) of COVID-19 in our school. The following classes have been impacted:

PS 1A May 12
PS 2B May 12

As COVID-19 measures such as mandatory masking, cohorting, and physical distancing have been lifted at the direction of the Ministry of Education, we are not able to determine who may or may not be a close contact. As such, you may wish to consider public health guidance that states those who are close contacts are required to wear a mask for a period of 10 days after exposure. Your child does not need to self-isolate and can continue to come to school if they do not have any symptoms. Please continue to monitor your child for symptoms every day.

Those with confirmed cases of COVID-19 will only return to school after the period of self-isolation required by Public Health. Should you have any questions, please contact the school or visit the TPH website for general information. For general questions, please call the TPH COVID-19 Hotline at 416-338-7600, Monday-Friday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM, or the Provincial Testing and Isolation Guidance line 1-888-777-0730, 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Monday to Sunday to speak with an agent. If you need immediate assistance, please call Telehealth Ontario 24 hours a day at 1-866-797-0000.

Home Appliance Food Co. Food Truck Lunch

Early next week we will be sending out the cash online notifications for students to place and pay for their orders for the upcoming Food Truck Lunch. We look forward to the delicious upcoming event!

Warm weather playing in playground after school and access to school building

Please remember that we are a very large school community and entry and dismissal times bring a very full school yard. While bikes, scooters and skateboards are a great mode of transportation to and from school please walk your bike, scooter or skateboard when on school property at these times for the safety of all students, staff and family members. For students and families remaining on property after the school day to enjoy the playscape, field or basketball hoops please remember that access to the school is not available as we have program through 6:00 p.m. If you are staying to play, we welcome you but please pee before the end of the school day.


As the war in Ukraine continues and the resulting humanitarian crisis worsens each day, the TDSB is launching the TDSBcares: Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal to support the Canadian Red Cross and UNICEF in their ongoing efforts to provide life-saving humanitarian assistance to those impacted. This is in line with the TDSB’s International Disaster Relief procedure (PR609).

The TDSBcares: Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal will run until May 31, 2022. Tax receipts will be issued by the Canadian Red Cross (for all donations of $1 or more) and UNICEF (for all donations of $10 or more).

Celebrating Birthdays at School

Many students and families wish to celebrate a special day at school with classmates. We welcome celebration and also acknowledge birthdays everyday on the morning announcements. We remind families that we have many students and staff with food restrictions and allergies. Therefore, if you wish to acknowledge a special day with classmates, we ask that you do so with non-food items. Full birthday celebrations are best organized outside school and school hours.


As provincial health restrictions are lifted, we welcome a gradual return of excursions, co-curricular activities, and volunteer opportunities within our classrooms. We are very excited to cheer on the grade 7/8 basketball and volleyball starting this week during the lunch period. In Ontario all volunteers working with children are required to complete a Vulnerable Sector Screening (Police reference check). If you have never had a VSS you can pick up an application from our main office. There is a one time fee of $20, payable by certified cheque or money order to Toronto Police Services. If you have completed the VSS in the past an annual declaration is required. There is no fee for the annual declaration. This involves coming to the office, or you can simply email Michael, to declare if there have been any convictions during the past 12 months.

Getting ready for 2022-2023

We are already planning for the 2022-2023 school year. Kindergarten new student registration is well underway for Avondale Public School. If you have a child born in 2018 they are eligible to begin Kindergarten Year 1 in September 2022. All registration will be conducted remotely. Beginning in February please visit the TDSB Kindergarten Registration website in order to register on line. Once you have completed the registration we will receive notification and contact you to schedule a Google Meet to confirm documentation. The following documents are required to complete the registration:

  • Proof of age (birth certificate, Canadian passport, Canadian Citizenship card or certificate or baptismal record)
  • Proof of address, including any two of the following current documents: Utility bill (e.g. hydro, gas, water), cable TV, internet, or home phone bill, insurance policy (home, tenant, auto or life), mortgage statement, rental or lease agreement or deed, current purchase and sale agreement, property tax bill or notice of tax assessment. Original correspondence from a government agency or legal clinic may be accepted as a second proof of address document.
  • Proof of immunization (the card that shows a list of needles your child has received):
    1. Report online https://www.toronto.ca/studentvaccines.
    2. If unable to report online, parents can provide immunization information to the school and the school will mail a copy to Toronto Public Health. Toronto Public Health accepts and translates foreign immunization records.
    3. If requesting an exemption, call 416-392-1250.
  • Verification of date of arrival, if your child was not born in Canada. Families who are permanent residents and refugee claimants may register directly at the school. Children without immigration status are welcome in our schools and information about them or their families will not be shared with immigration authorities. To register, please visit the International Programs and Admissions Office at 5050 Yonge Street, on the main floor, for a TDSB school admission letter.

This process does not include Avondale Elementary Alternative School. All 19 TDSB Elementary Alternative Schools adhere to a different admission process by application.

2022-2023 School Year Calendar

The 2022-2023 elementary and secondary school year calendar has been approved by the Ministry of Education. Information can be found on www.tdsb.on.ca. Please note the key dates in the document below. The first day of classes for students will be Wednesday, September 7, 2022. September 6 has been designated as a Professional Development day. https://www.tdsb.on.ca/Portals/0/AboutUs/docs/KeyDatesSYC2022-2023.pdf

Childcare and Extended Day Program for 2022-2023 Infants to 3.5 years and School age from FDK-grade 6.

If you are looking for childcare for 2022-2023 we have two options available right here at Avondale.

Infant-3.5 years Mothercraft Childcare

See attached for information and contact details for Mothercraft Childcare.

FDK-grade 6

Learn more about EDP please visit Extended Day Program website at https://www.tdsb.on.ca/EarlyYears/Extended-DayProgram.

Elementary Summer School 2022

The focus of the 2022 Elementary Literacy and Numeracy Summer School Program is to continue student engagement through the month of July. Programs, embedded in Literacy and Numeracy, are developed by the local summer school principal to reflect the local school focus.
Programs are offered in-person to students in K to Grade 8, from July 4 to July 29, 2022. This year, one online (remote) summer school program will be available.
For more information and registration information please visit https://www.tdsb.on.ca/About-Us/Innovation/Elementary-Summer-School

Avondale EDP Summer Camp

Please visit the TDSB website for program information and registration.
A full summer camp will be operating at Avondale this summer by our Early Years Department. Registration has opened for families currently enrolled in the extended day program. Please visit the TDSB website for program information, registration, and details when registration will open for new families.

TVO Learn Resources for Students and Families

Help your child learn, straight-forward resource to support at-home learning. Understand the Grade 1-8 curriculum requirements and make a plan or immediately access engaging resources and activities to start the learning now. Also features a catalogue of high school courses to support Grade 9-12 study.

Be well. Be safe. We got this, together!!!! Michael & Dimitra

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