Featured image of post Virtual BINGO night on April 7th 6:30PM Rules and Prizes!

Virtual BINGO night on April 7th 6:30PM Rules and Prizes!

Register today to get the Zoom link & your digital BINGO card! UPDATE: The registrations are closed, we are at limit! Emails will go out shorty.

If you signed up you will receive two emails: One with the Zoom meeting link and one email that will come from bingo@mail.mfbc.us with the link to your bingo card. Make sure to check your junk mail folder if you can’t find it!

Update 2: Zoom link and Bingo cards went out! I noticed that some bingo cards got rejected: Don’t worry, everyone will get a card. Join the meeting and we will sort it out! 😄

Prizes First!

You can win all of these things! (If you are very lucky 😄)

Prize Value Count Sponsor
Brick Labs Birthday Fun Party Package $400+ 1 Brick Labs
Brick Works Academy Summer Camp plus two Lego sets $365 1 + 2 Brick Works Academy
Toronto Soccerplex one hour Field Rental $200 1 Toronto Soccerplex
Vibe Ten Studio Yoga 5 class pack 1 Vibe Ten Studio
9Spears voucher for 3 Yoga lessons (for adults) and voucher for 3 Muay Thai lessons (for kids) $45 / $75 1 each 9Spears
Uniqulo vouchers $50 2 Uniqulo
Curve Bowl (1), Magna Tiles (2), Playmobil country (1) and Back to the Future (2) $20 to $50 each 6 Mastermind Toys
Veedazzlecreations: one personalized jewlery box and one personalized water bottle 1 each Veedazzlecreations
Home Appliances Food Co. gift certificate $50 1 Home Appliances Food Co.
Cornel’s kitchen (Indian food) vouchers $30 3 Cornel’s Kitchen
Domino’s free pizza voucher 3 Domino’s
Food Basics gift cards $25 3 Food Basics
Longos gift cards $20 10 Longos
Tim Horton’s Mug sets $15 2 Tim Horton’s at the Sheppard Center
Second Cup Coffee Beans $13 2 Second Cup at the Sheppard Center
What A Bagle cards $5 4 What A Bagle
Starbucks prize pack: “coffee and tumbler” and “mug and tea” 1 each

Rules of the Game

We will play five games! Every game will have better prizes! Grand price at the end!

  1. One line: Just one measly line to win! Any line, any direction!
  2. Two lines: This time you’ll need two lines!
  3. X: You will have to fill up the two diagonals!
  4. T: You will have to make a T on your card! That’s the top and the middle line, but it can be turned!
  5. Full card: That’s right, all the numbers!

Raffle at the End!

If we have any prizes left, they will be given out in a raffle! Don’t leave too early!


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